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Media coverage for early stage businesses and scale-ups can be a tricky affair. Too much PR could unintentionally make businesses focus more on coverage than adding real value and growth for their customers. The ShelterTech Accelerator program here in Kenya has the core mandate of scaling these businesses and ensuring these early stage businesses and scale-ups experience real growth through direct value addition to their business.

We are excited to learn that from this article in a leading East African Newspaper, it has resulted in two scale-ups in the program experiencing real growth and value in their businesses, here’s what they had to share.

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Seth Mundhe, CEO of Ejenzi Platform.

Ejenzi platform, is a scale-up in the cohort, is providing a convenience platform for homeowners and builders to easily purchase, sell and get comparative prices on construction products. From the article feature, they received 15 new vendors on their platform. According to the CEO, Seth Mundhe, “media coverage gave Ejenzi visibility and credibility because people were able to learn about us from an independent source.”

Gjenge Makers is turning plastic waste into alternative building and construction materials.

Gjenge Makers, a scale-up in our ShelterTech Accelerator program, were featured in a separate interview at a national newspaper in Kenya. Nzambi Matee, Founder of Gjenge Makers’, noted the coverage led to them generating 30 new business leads and are currently in communication with 26 of them.

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