Why African Diaspora are important for the African Startups Ecosystem

Early Stage Investment in Africa from a diaspora Perspective



Few weeks ago, I embarked on a new journey, by joining The Pangea Investor Program. The program is targeted at both experienced and inexperienced angel investors who are interested in investing in African startups. Through the program, I have joined a network of 30 other investors, where we are learning about early stage investment and the African investment and start-up ecosystems through six sessions of workshops.

Why I joined The Pangea Investor Program

It is without a doubt, that The Pangea Investor Program has put “word” and “cases” into all the media success stories I have heard about the African economic growth. Now, I know more than before that there are opportunities in all African sectors.

Mentoring African startups and learning about investment opportunities in different sectors

Looking at the Pangea Investor Program from a diaspora perspective

It is up to every diaspora to look at the opportunities on the continent, and contribute in their own capacities. What is obvious, is that my fellow Africans in the diaspora should consider other ways in creating impact on the continent, rather than the traditional way of “sending money back home”.

As a diaspora, I want to contribute to the economic growth of the continent. However, we can all agree that sending money back home does not necessarily help people get a job. And ultimately, what we really want is to stop sending money, because is not creating a long-term impact.


About Pangea Investor Program

The Investment Program enlightens investors on investing in Africa and provides access to a larger community of investors. Investors gain first hand experience by direct interaction with startups in the accelerator. The investment program encourages interaction and cooperation between investors in evaluating startups and learning practical skills to making smart investments. The program comprises of 6 sessions that runs simultaneous to the accelerator program. At the end of the program money is awarded to one or more companies and angel investors become limited partners in a venture fund. Click here to learn more.



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